About Us

Belted Wrist (BW) was conceptualized in 2009 by two fashionably fabulous girls who decided to create an accessory that is versatile, beautifully crafted and handmade in LA. Our beltletts achieves just that. Every beltlett is made of 100% calfskin leather, making it easy to wrap around your waist or wrist. The hardware used on every beltlett is high quality brass and nickel with minimal elegant designs.

What sets the Belted Wrist product apart from most everything else is its versatility. The BW Beltlett will become your staple accessory right away. Wear it over a sweater or jeans and watch your outfit go from bland to FAB. Wear it around your wrist and become an instant fashionista. Whether you’re looking to achieve the Rockstar look or to subtly express your hip sense of style, the Belted Wrist Beltlett is the perfect accessory.


Belted Wrist